Within this comprehensive article we will be answering some of the more commonly asked questions that are asked when enquiring about laser hair removal in Bristol. We trust that this article will provide all of the answers that you may typically see in a comprehensive FAQ page. Hopefully you will find it informative to the point where you will be completely comfortable in deciding to start your laser hair in Bristol treatment, however we would be delighted to answer any further questions that you may have.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

, A few commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal Bristol

Prices will vary depending on which area or areas of the body are to be treated and how many treatments will be required.  In addition, prices can vary of course between different clinics. At Harbour Lily, our prices start from £45 for a small area. Larger areas and multiple treatments will of course be priced accordingly, however these are often preferred by clients as they will also come with built in discounts. For example, 6 treatments for the price of 5 or 3 areas for the price of 2. At Harbour Lily we also provide you with the option of spreading your payments (at no additional cost)  for your laser hair removal in Bristol

What should you do before you decide to go for your first treatment?

There are a few things that you need to consider before your first treatment.

In preparation for your laser hair removal treatment you will be required to shave the area that you are having your laser hair removal performed on. The reasoning behind this is that the equipment will be most effective if it is targeting the hair follicle as opposed to the surface hair. You must not wax or pluck your hair as hair follicles have to be present for the laser to target and destroy the pigment. This will provide the optimum results

If you wear make-up on your face, we will remove this prior to your treatment as your skin will need to be cleansed before ultrasound gel is applied.  Fake tan on your face and body can also affect the results of the laser hair removal Bristol treatment. We highly recommend that no fake tan is present on the area to be treated together with deodorants, ointments and lotions.

Your laser hair removal therapist will need to be informed of any medication that you are currently taking. Certain medications can interfere with your treatment, potentially making it less effective. This would include long term medication as well as those for short term illness such as antibiotics. Consideration will also need to be made for certain types of medication which can cause photo sensitivity as well as hormonal medication such as birth control treatments etc. Here at Harbour Lily in Bristol, our laser hair removal therapists are highly trained and will cover all of this with you at your initial consultation, ensuring you have complete peace of mind.

, A few commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal Bristol

Avoiding sun exposure is also key. About two weeks prior to your laser hair removal in Bristol you need to avoid as much sun exposure as possible, especially any form of sun damage. Sun damage is never good at any time of course but any form of active tan at the time of your treatment may increase the chances of compromising the skin. We recommend using a broad spectrum sun screen at all times but this is an absolute necessity if you wish to undertake laser hair removal.

Finally, the last check that you need to think about is if you bleach your hair on the area that you want treated.  As laser hair removal Bristol targets the roots of your hair it is of utmost importance that the colour of the hair follicle is the same as that of the surface hair. This will ensure that you receive maximum results from your course of treatment. It is recommended that you cease any bleaching on the target area approximately six weeks prior to the treatment. This gives enough time for the hair to grow back to its natural colour.

How much downtime is there after treatments?

After a direct session you should for the next 48 hours consider the following.

  • Avoid all forms of physical exercise
  • Avoid saunas, jacuzzies, swimming, and steam rooms
  • Try to wear loose clothing
  • Apply sunblock to all areas that have been laser hair removed when going outside
  • Try not to rub the areas where the session has gone over

Usually after ten to twelve days after your laser hair removal in Bristol session you should start to see results. It takes this amount of time for the follicles that are destroyed during the session to fall out. Your laser hair removal therapist will normally recommend about 8 to 10 weeks between treatments.


, A few commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal Bristol

Laser hair removal in Bristol here at Harbour Lilly can provide you with highly effective hair reduction results, all administered by highly trained, qualified staff in a relaxed, friendly yet professional clinic environment. You can rest assured that your sessions aren’t long or painful as we use the most up to date and effective equipment available, all clinically tested and approved. We invite you to come for a free consultation with no obligation where you can ask for further clarification on any of the points discussed here or in fact any other questions or concerns you may have about laser hair removal in Bristol.