Body Skin Peels

Body skin peels, Body Skin Peels

Treatment Overview

Body skin peels are a powerful skin resurfacing and peeling technique. Our body skin peel treatment helps to boost collagen to achieve tighter, brighter and smoother skin.

Skin peels can diminish pigmentation associated with acne and acne scaring. Peels effectively hamper stubborn breakouts including cysts, eliminate and prevent razor bumps. Chemical peels at Harbour Lily Clinic are a professional treatment that delivers deep exfoliation to improve the client’s skin complexion.

Over a course of peeling treatments, peels will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Body skin Peels will also improve hyperpigmentation and acne.

Treatment Level

Mild to ultimate correction

End Result

Reduction of acne, acne scarring and wrinkles, more even and smooth complexion, tighter pores and skin. Results will depend on the severity of the skin condition.


Moderate to severe redness of treated skin, skin dryness for up to 7 days

Treatment Price

Starting from £130

Body chemical peels are mostly used in skin rejuvenation treatments. Treatment with skin peel involves applying a chemical substance to the skin, producing an accelerated renewal of epidermis, which leads to skin rejuvenation.

Skin Peels vary in depth from superficial to deep. Read more in our blog post. The stronger the peel, the greater the skin rejuvenation process effect. However the downtime following the procedure will also last longer.

Body skin peels improve the tone and texture of the skin. Body skin peels can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage on the skin. Chemical peels can also help control acne in some cases, depending on the grade of acne. Please see alternative laser acne treatments.

Side effects depend on the type of skin peel as well as how strong the skin peel used. Superficial peels and resurfacers that we use at Harbour Lily Clinic produce skin redness that lasts up to a few hours.

Deeper body skin peels can produce peeling of the skin and the redness may last for longer than few hours. This also depends on individual as some clients tolerate skin peels better than others.

Chemical skin peels vigorously increase cell turnover while decreasing papule and pustule activity. Clients will notice an increase of both epidermal and dermal hydration and brightening, glowing effect on the skin.

Skin Resurfacers help to correct pigmentation and reduce inflammation. Skin Peels at Harbour Lily Clinic help to treat acne or acne-prone skin, leathery and sun damaged skin.

We offer a complimentary consultation and patch test at our Bristol Clinic.

Are you unsure of which treatment would be the most appropriate for YOUR skin? Your aesthetic therapist will be delighted to help you decide on the day of your consultation as all treatments are bespoke. Treatments are designed specifically for you and the results you want to achieve.

Most treatments at our laser skin clinic are designed to be taken as a course of 6. However our clients will notice visible results almost straight away (subject to a specific treatment).

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